During my search for another violin, I kept coming back to Sakia.
Her description of her profession really appealed to me.
Saskia is a very good listener and has the ability to empathize well with other people's wishes, in order to be able to realize this during the construction of an instrument.
My violin is so easy to play and it is warm, full, powerful and clear with a huge palette of sounds. As I always describe it myself: I can make a world sound journey with this violin.
Not only my instrument is special. Saskia's enthusiasm during construction has also been very special.
Al na 1 week ontving ik 7 foto’s en heb op deze manier telkens intens mogen meegenieten van het bouwproces.
This violin is an enrichment in my life.
And I also bought a beautiful bow made by Andreas Grütter. It makes a great matching combination.